Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide The Australian Hospitality Industry with a better solution for its refrigeration needs

World class refrigeration that performs exceptionally well in this country’s diverse conditions, is environmentally responsible and is supported nationally through a reliable distributor and service network.

Our Environmental Mission

At Austune Commercial we take the care of the environment very seriously. We maintain strict adherence to the highest standard of compliance and give our commitment to consistently introduce improvements to our products and services so that our customers can be assured that together we are doing our utmost to protect our sensitive environment.

Refrigerated display cabinets manufactured in or imported into Australia and New Zealand must comply with Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS) requirements which are set out in AS 1731.14-2003. The scope of commercial refrigeration MEPS includes both remote and self-contained refrigerated display cabinets primarily used in commercial applications for the storage of frozen and unfrozen food.

The standard also defines minimum efficiency levels for “High Efficiency” refrigerated display cabinets. Only products which meet the specified efficiency levels can apply this term to promotional or advertising materials.

The MEPS figure is determined by the total energy consumption (TEC) in kWhr per day for the total display area (TDA) of a refrigerated display cabinet. The TEC and TDA are determined per AS1731, this data then generates the MEPS value (TEC/TDA).

The new national GEMS legislation began in Australia on 1 October 2012. For more information please visit:www.energyrating.gov.au

The New SD Range

Our new Super Deluxe range features a large range of fully compatible chillers and freezers featuring environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with LED lights, some of our freezers even feature an Automatic Condenser Cleaning System.

Energy consumption reductions are achieved by harnessing the heat generated by the compressor and transferring to the door heaters. Choice of external color way, high impact display areas. No matter how large or small your roll out we are here to help you promote your product.

Austune Commercial offers a diverse range of refrigeration to service the Corporate and Cold Space fleet market. From Supermarket and convenience remote displays, fridges and freezers to corporate chain customers in need of Liquor, Beverage, Dairy, Ice cream and Pasta, we will work in with your Architects, Designers and Specifiers to achieve maximum product exposure

Chillers and Freezers that talk to you! Yes it is even possible to personalize a message to your customers thanking them for their business in the new SD Range

Images from our MEPS test lab:

                                         G1RSD-5 MEPS   G1RSD-15 MEPS    G2FSD-35 MEPS   G3RSD-72 MEPS

Improving the efficiency of Supermarket Refrigeration

                                      MNYD-S2500 Energy Efficient Glass Door Multideck Chiller             Coffin Style Freezer With Ergonomic Sliding Glass Lids

                                      G3FFN-1975 Energy Saving 3 Door FreezerMAUD-R2500 Multideck With Doors Remote    


                                      CFLS-S1870 Island Freezer Curved Sliding Glass LidCFLS-S2100 Island Freezer Curved Sliding Glass Lid

Austune Commercial Refrigeration continues to identify and develop energy saving solutions across our entire range

  • Seamless Multiplex Capability
  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Night Blinds and High Efficiency Fans
  • Low E Doors on Multideck Display
  • Energy Efficient LED lighting
  • Ergonomic Sliding Glass Lids on Coffin Style Freezer